Tv Shows Is Breaking Bad

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The time that I have consumed watching television has mostly consisted of watching action programs that portray the many things we usually don’t see in our everyday lives. One of the television shows I found myself watching a lot this past week was a show called “Breaking Bad” and it caught my attention due to the fact that the story line on this show could very possibly be true because they don’t exaggerate that much. The show is about this high school professor who is an extraordinary chemist and he pairs up with one of his students from the past and they link up together and produce methamphetamines. Shows like this appeal to every individuals who have ever wondered how people can get away with those type of crimes right under the noses of their families and Law Enforcement. When it comes to watching Television shows I prefer to stay away from reality life shows on how people live their lives because I feel that many of the things they do on those shows are scripted and they make them do certain things to boost the stations ratings that they normally wouldn't do. As far as romance shows go I can almost always predict the ending of it by just watching the first half; I’m not very fond of predictable shows. The Social construction process and way of thinking of those who had witnessed and viewed that video during the Rodney King arrest were angered by the actions taken. In the video that was captured, they show four officers beating Mr. King and using excessive force