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By e-signing this contract, you agree to the following rules and guidelines, and agree to complete the minimum requirements listed below for the T. V Taping Committee.

In a situation where you know that you are unable to follow the guidelines and complete the minimum requirements, this contract must be terminated. In order to terminate this contract, you must contact the Associated Student Representatives, SangJi Lyu [].

Alpha Gamma Sigma members are required to join 1 (one) committee and fulfill the committee's requirements, or complete 2 (two) fundraisers (in addition to the other minimum requirements) in order to receive a transcript notation. Failure to complete this committee's requirements will prevent you from receiving a transcript notation.

By e-signing this contract, you agree to complete the following minimum requirements of the T.V Taping Committee:

◄ Attend 2 T.V Taping events or -
◄ Attend 1 T.V Taping event and drive other members or -
◄ Attend 1 T.V Taping and do 1 fundraiser

to be completed on or before the last general meeting of the semester.

1) If you decide to cancel your reservation for a TV Taping, you must drop with MORE THAN 72 HOURS NOTICE. If you do not, you will have a "-1" fundraiser credit (see club constitution), which means you must make-up this missed fundraiser by attending another TV taping (IF THERE IS ONE AVAILABLE), or by selling two boxes of See's Candy.
2) You…