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3-6-14 Eng. Comp 2
Television: A Hurtful Device The television hurts social interaction, education, and physical. It takes time away from families. Education can be hindered by biased news and unconstructed “informational” shows. The television can distract the physical activity that can help us stay healthy. Families could sit in front of the television without saying a single thing to one another. “Mom or Dad may be in the same room with us, watching the same shows, but they’re not really with us, if you know what I mean.” (Merrow 212). Some parents ignore their children and just place them in front of the TV without a second thought. “Public Opinion in Television: How It Is Changing” stated, “ a decline in the reported use of television as a baby-sitter,” (Comstock 43) in 1986, that is not the case today. There are uses of televisions as baby-sitters. Families do not spend time together anymore or have any family activities that they can have fun doing. Television can hinder how people learn things. It can give news that only tells one side of the story and make someone guiltier than they really are. In addition, shows that are completely idiotic and ridiculous can damper learning like Honey Boo Boo. “The decline in students’ reading scores and the increased concern with children’s short attention spans and their lack of enthusiasm in school has been widely blamed on television.” (Zuckerman 42). This can be true if the child watches TV for a majority of the day. Also, television can distract