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In the play, Twelfth Night by Shakespeare, the character Orsino is very arrogant. First of all, Orsino is arrogant, in act one, scene one, Orsino is describing his love for Olivia; then questions Valentine for Olivia’s reply to the message of his declaration of love. Valentine is going to say he finds that Olivia’s brother died and she is in mourning. Orsino asserts, “O she hath a heart of that fine frame, to pay this debt of love to a brother!” (33-34). Orsino is arrogant by feeling superior to Olivia’s brother. Orsino reflects that he is exceptional than Olivia’s inconsequential brother since he is the Duke of Illyria. Therefore, how much loyalty will Olivia be to Orsino when Olivia realises that she is love with the magnificent Orsino. Orsino is asking Olivia to marry him even though Olivia is lower status, but Olivia does not react to him like the way he expects; Olivia does not say yes to marry Orsino instantly because she is getting a proposal to marry the ravishing duke. Orsino against the odds does not love Olivia because he does not understand her sorrow for her brother but always with arrogance Orsino thinks about himself. Love is understanding pain, but the ego of Orsino is not understanding Olivia instead all he tends about is Olivia is not accepting Orsino’s proposal. Second of all, Orsino is arrogant is that when, Orsino wants Cesario (Viola) to go again in Olivia’s house and declare how much in love he is with Olivia; Viola is fed up with Orsino and declines him gently suggesting that there might be a woman who is in love with him like he is…