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Twelve Angry Men Juror 3
The diversity of the jurors in twelve angry men played a crucial role in the entertainment value and plot of the film. Some argued for empathy, while others based their opinions on logic. However one individual based his decision solely on a personal experience that obviously traumatized him to the extent that all logical and social attributes that he possessed were discarded. Juror three more commonly referred to as the antagonist of the film had quite the interesting personality. A self-employed business owner of a somewhat prominent establishment called The Beck and Call Company his occupation doesn’t set off alarms for uniqueness, but his psychology was probably the most intriguing out of all the jurors.
Upon my first glimpse of juror three I noticed some alarming physical queues that helped me predict fragments of his personality. He was in his mid-fifties, tall, his facial features showed the effect the years “especially ones that were difficult” could do to an individual which made me believe that he was experienced not in legal matters but in life itself. And he seemed to possess a look of constant dissent throughout the film.
Looks can be deceiving but for juror three his looks were parallel to his personality. With the exception of the introduction juror three was extremely confrontational. Shouting, threatening, and insulting anyone who had a dissenting opinion. He even lunged across a table in a failed attempt to inflict physical harm to juror eight after being insulted. He was also extremely