Twelve Angry Men Essay

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"Its not easy to stand alone against the ridicule of others". Twelve Angry Men is more than a play, it is a reminder of our social responsibility. Discuss.

Twelve Angry Men is a legal drama, written by Reginald Rose during the heightened period of 1950's McCarthyism. The didactic play presents a cross section, examining 1950's America during a period of immense suspicion and uncertainty. Roses' play reminds us of the importance of responsibility and integrity, emphasising qualities such as courage that aid in preserving justice. The play examines the power of the "lone voice" and places a special emphasis on the serving of justice over the quest for truth through a central plot and strategic framing. The idea of time versus
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Juror 3 adopts a sense of impulsivity when he urges to get the deliberation process "over with" because the jurors "probably have somewhere else to be". Time acts as a constant reminder of the power the jurors carry and the negative impact their impulsive and somewhat rushed decisions have on the "boys" life. Juror 8 often acts juxtaposition to this notion in that he extends the time frame in which the jurors should deliberate. Its "not easy for [juror 8] to vote not guilty without talking about it first" and so Rose uses juror 8's "lone voice" to provoke other jurors into "taking an hour" or so to talk about the trial and fulfil the judges orders of "honest deliberation". Rose uses time to create a contrast between the jurors who adopt a sense of responsibility and those who take their power for granted, ultimately highlighting the insignificance of time in comparison to the dear life of a person.

The table around which the jurors deliberate acts a centrepiece in the otherwise simple and minimalistic room. The table is embellished with scars that represent the burden that lies on the justice system highlighting the importance of the safeguards that serve to maintain it. The safeguards are an extension of American Democracy that implement equality