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Assessment of Twelve O’ Clock High- Reflection Assignment #4

The movie Twelve O’ Clock High illustrated various aspects of leadership approaches in an Air Force general’s strenuous attempt to heighten the morale of the 918th Bomb Group. Twelve O’ Clock High highlighted the effects of country-club management under the leadership of Col Keith Davenport and revealed the effects of authority-compliance leadership under the command of Brig Gen Frank Savage. Twelve O’ Clock High highlights two Air Force member’s attempts to heighten the morale of a group. Strong examples of country-club management and authority compliance leadership were used in this film. Use of the Country-Club management was apparent in the leadership style of Col
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During an investigation by the Inspector General, Lt Bishop defends Brig Gen Frank Savage and increases the support from the airmen. Next, Brig Gen Fred begins to reassess his approach, taking a proactive interest in developing relationships, providing positive re-enforcement and interacting with the airmen. At first glance, I identified Brig Gen Savage’s approach as Authority-Compliant leadership. Initially he showed little interest in developing personal relationship with his subordinates, and he focused more on meeting the task and job requirements. In addition, the interaction with his group was very limited with the exception of communicating task orders and reprimanding the airmen. His second leadership approach after bonding and developing relationships with the airmen was considered borderline team-management as his interest transitions to being in the well being of his team ahead of the tasks. In addition, Brig Gen Savage’s assignment to the 918th Air Men group was also an example of situational leadership as he was assigned to exhibit domineering behaviors with the in order to increase the morale of the group. After being unsuccessful with using authority compliant (directive) behaviors, he modified his approach to meet the needs of his subordinates by becoming increasingly concerned with their well-being and more involved