Twelve Years Old and Out of Control Essay

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Twelve Years Old & out of Control

Twelve and out of control one of the major problems in the twenty first century. The kids in the 21st century are all about parties, drugs, drinking alcohol, smoking, sex, and peer pressure self-absorbed selfishness lack of respect etc. but why? What makes all those things so good? That is the question.
Children of today want to grow up before their time thinking that is cool to do as many things as they can before they are of legal age.

Why do Children want to grow up before their time why can’t they understand that they are children for a reason.
Is it all because of the media? Is it because they see others children doing what ever they want and they think it is acceptable behaviour. Going on the internet and seeing things on you tube, face book, twitter instangram snap chat magazines they are all influents on children but we can’t blame it on all children.

Adults had a major role in how the children of this day an age act. But at the same time we can’t just blame it on the adults if we didn’t act on all the stupid things we see there wouldn’t be as many problems as there is. Adults gave us all the technology to use and all the resources but I guess we acted on it in the wrong way we took it to far.

There are a number of people of the ages 12-16 committing various crimes from stealing to murder and the justice system is trying there best but honestly what can they rally do they can’t lock them up forever can we? as much as…