Solomon B. Northup's Twelve Years A Slave

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Whites have longed argued that slavery was good for slaves because it civilized them and that slaves were content to be held in bondage. But such is not the case, at least not according to those who were actually held in bondage. The accounts of slavery are greatly known by emancipated or run away slaves. One recorded account of slavery is by Solomon B. Northup's autobiography, Twelve Years a Slave which was published in 1853.
Solomon Northup was born a freeman in New York in 1808 (3). His father, who had been a slave until his owner death had granted him his freedom in his, wills (5). In 1829, Northup married Anne Hampton and worked as a laborer in Hartford (6). However, Solomon was captured after being tricked by slave traders to work
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Solomon Northup gives examples of ways that white whipped their slave for disobedience. Northup gives account of severe whipping by his Master Epps to one his slave Patsey, whom he wrongly accused of sneaking to another plantation than allowed.
Many slaves were forced to forget whom they are, where they come from and leave behind their love ones. Many slaves were forced from their native home and placed into slavery. Northup case was he was kidnapped while working in a slave state. This was not common for slaves to be taken. Northup gives us clear story how he feared that he would never come in contact with his wife and children. He discusses in his autobiography how he was whipped nearly to death for mentioning his true name ad his family background and making claims of being a freeman (25). Many slaves were forced to be separated from their mother, father, children, husband and wives. Northup gives another account of a family who consisted of mother name Eliza, little girl named Emily and little boy named Randall, they were all separated left to never see or hear from each others again (53, 57).
More than two hundred years slavery existed; hundreds and thousands of slaves was brought into the country and exported for economic reasons. The institution of slavery as whole in my opinion not only killed slaves physically but as well spiritually and morally. The topic that we are assigned on asked of us to