Twenty-Fifth Dynasty Fashion Style

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Royal Clothing of the Twenty-Fifth Dynasty: Adaptations and Innovations
Tamer Fahim and Hussein Bassir
Abstract: Kushite Twenty-fifth Dynasty royal clothing was characterized by many innovative elements that appeared on traditional Egyptian clothing in various types of garments. Due to the lengthy period of interaction between Egypt and Kush, Kushite royal clothing reveals many Egyptian influences. In this article, the authors seek to answer an important question about interconnections between Egyptian and Kushite clothing during this period: Did the Kushites adopt only Egyptian clothing elements, without creating their own clothing regalia? The authors conclude that the Kushites did not imitate Egyptian clothing practices exactly but developed a new trend by combining both Egyptian and Kushite traditions in order to satisfy their conquered Egyptian subjects as well as their own people.
Keywords: Clothing, Egyptian, Kushite, Interconnections,
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For this discussion, the authors chose a broad selection of works that represent both Egypto-and Kushite-centric viewpoints. Our approach serves to place the current study into a broader Egyptological context without resorting to judgment of the relative value of Egyptian or Kushite clothing.
Our own investigation centers on garments worn by members of the Kushite ruling family members. We have chosen to concentrate on those garments that Twenty-fifth Dynasty kings (and their queens) selected to represent themselves wearing through the media of the statuary and stelae. By examining the iconography of royal garments of this period, we explore their possible connections to more ancient Egyptian styles and their ability to reveal their wearers’