Twenty-Nine Palms-Personal Narrative Analysis

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Mess hall 0800-1100 Ever heard of a quant town, (well city, um actually let’s just call it a military base), that goes by the name of Twenty-nine palms? No? well don’t worry you not missing out unless you love seeing dirt, and more dirt and maybe the occasional Joshua tree.
Before going off on the tangent of the decision of driving three hours to the middle of nowhere, let me example myself. Twenty-nine Palms have always been known to me, this visit started as a trip to visit my boyfriend. It was a reunion for us, being that he was stuck in the field for a week beforehand. For those of you who don’t know what this means when you become a military personal you are require to do training that resembles what you might encounter in a war zone. This consist of no showering, peeing in a hole, sleeping on the ground, and eating “Meals Ready to Eat” or for
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Feeling a little bit better that food was on the way, we relax and continue our conversation. The waiter was trying to make up for his bad service by refills on coffee and water. He even brought a bowl of soup when I ordered a cup. I guess trying to show his credibility to prove that he is a good waiter.
While seating and waiting, I noticed another family sitting next to us who haven’t even got a chance to order their drinks. Instead of getting food brought to our table, the waiter came out with the check and sat it on our table. Which, to me, was different because I never got the check before even getting my food. Anyways, we sat and waited, for another 20 minutes till we were finally greeted with a plate of food, well some of the food. I order the cinnamon pancakes and apparently the kitchen ran out of the frosting that went on top of it. The waiter offered to get me something else and I asked for strawberry pancakes, which I knew at that point was a mistake knowing it would take another 15