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15 October 2014
50 Shades of Grey
Anastasia “Ana” Steele, is 22 years old. A senior college student attending Washington State University in Vancouver Washington. Along with her best friend/ roommate Katharine “Kate” Kavanagh who writes for their student newspaper. Due to the fact that Kate was sick, she asked Ana to fill in for her at an interview with no other than the handsome 27 year old, Christian Grey. An incredibly successful, lavishly well off, clean cut, young entrepreneur. As soon as Ana walks into that room sparks are flying everywhere. Christian is so intimidating towards Ana. As a result she stumbles through the interview, leaving Christian and everyone at his office thinking it went poorly. Ana tries to reassure herself they will never speak again. Little did she know that, that was just the beginning of their love story.
Their interaction didn’t stop there. Kate insists that Mr. Grey meet them the following week for a photo shoot for the article. After the photo shoot Grey asks Ana to join him for a cup of coffee. This is where we get a glimpse into the background of both characters. At only 27 years old, Grey is portrayed as someone well beyond his age. Grey’s character reminds me of Edward Cullen from Twilight. Expect the whole vampire thing. Ana is everything we despise about Twilight’s Bella Swan. Painfully aware of her short comings, inexperienced girl and a women with a thesaurus vocabulary and a moderately smart mouth. Ana is like putty in Mr. Grey’s hands. Later that week, He seals her fate when she is drunk and calls him from the bar. Then she playfully hangs up on him. He of course has the power to track her phone, shows up at the bar, and holds back her hair while she pukes her guts up.
Ana wakes up the following morning in his bed (fully clothed). He asks to see her again under better circumstances. The tension keeps building. In the following chapters, we see a relationship develop. As the lavishly well off Christian showers her with gifts, such as a laptop, a cell phone, and an Audi. Along with his signature lack of