Twilight Movie Review - Interpersonal Communication Essay

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Interpersonal Communication Movie Review

Through the story of the characters and their interpersonal communication movies have become a household commodity and often times emerge as a mainstream “pop culture.” Twilight is the recent adaptation from novel to film based off the book by Stephanie Meyer released in 2005 by the same title. The film tells a story about the forbidden love between two individuals through the telling of a seventeen year-old girl. Through this forbidden love between the two main characters, Bella and Edward, there is a variety of different interpersonal communication that occurs. Through the interactions these two characters have with each other there are positive and negative implications of
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While Laurent was not a part of the conflict James and Victoria began pursuit of Bella because of Edward’s reaction when they found out that Bella was human. This set James off and he was bound to hurt Bella for his own entertainment because he knew how it would get to Edward. Through this chase Bella had to create conflict between herself and her father in order to protect him and so she could leave the town to try to get James off her trail. At the end of the movie Edward and his family catch up to where James has Bella trapped and they kill him which ends the chase, however we find there is more to come with Victoria being James partner upset that she lost her mate.

Through these concepts of trust, self-disclosure, and conflict we have seen a bigger picture through the film. The entire film is about relationship development between these two characters. While there had obstacles in their way and they did “sweat the small things” they were able to work through their issues to create a stronger relationship. They were able to fully self-disclose eventually through their interactions as well as overcome conflict from both internal sources between the two of them as well as those external sources such as Rosalie and the intruders, James and