Twilight: Stephenie Meyer and Bella Essay

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The genre of the film is romance and fantasy
This is about a girl who's name Isabella Swan.
The main characters were Bella Swan and Edward Cullen.
The location of the movie was in a small town of Forks
Bella was beautiful and brave because she fell in love with a vampire.
Edward was attractive, mysterious and very secretive.
Bella lived in Phoenix and then decided to move to Forks
She went to a new highschool and there she met the mysterious Edward
Edward was a vampire but bella didn't know that
Also she was interested in him and how he was different than all the other people in the school
Then there love started to bloom after Edward saved Bella form a car crash
He and his family invited her to play baseball with them then all of a sudden they met bad vampires
The conflict was will edward be able save her from them and also be strong enough to resist her delicious blood?
I chose this film because i love vampires and vampire movies.
I recommend this movie because its a great love story.
This movie is based on a book by stephanie meyer

The book “Twilight,” written by Stephenie Meyer, is a fantasy story which also has lots of romance and action. Twilight is about a girl named Isabella Swan (she prefers Bella). Bella was different than everyone at Forks. She had moved to Forks after her mother had remarried at Phoenix because her step-father (Phil) got a job that acquires a lot of traveling on the road. Also, Bella had chose to live with her father at forks. When Bella moved to Forks she reunited with her former friend Jacob. When Bella goes to Forks high school, she immediately starts to take a liking in Edward. Even though all of the girls were dazzled when seeing Edward, Bella was the only girl that was brave enough to talk to him. The only problem was that Edward was a vampire and it was dangerous for her to know that. It was also very dangerous for Bella to know about Edward being a vampire because it is dangerous to be around him especially because Bella's blood appealed to him the most rather than anyone else s. Bella thought that she can't be with Edward because she thought that he is way out of her league. Edward was not like any other boy in the school other than his brothers and sisters. Edward was more of a reserved person because he couldn't risk other people finding out about his family's secret. Since Edward is a vampire, he is faster than lightning, stronger than anything alive, hadn't aged since 1918, and he has the ability to read minds except for Bella's. Edward and his family weren't like the other vampires, they would only drink blood from animals instead of humans. It was ironic that Edward and Bella fell in love with each other like “the loin fell in love with the lamb.” Edward had been waiting to meet