Twilight: The Great Gatsby Essay

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Natalie Montano
The Great Gatsby, a classic during it's time, but not so classic in the modern world today. The movie includes a widespread of scenes with advanced effect and amazing picture motion especially in 3-D. The golden textures and lines evolve a theme of a more present sense of cinema. In the Movie, the settings are in a magical snowy or hot area of West egg where they illustrate the scenes across the shores and the mysterious green light. Throughout the movie viewers observe the luxurious life of Jay Gatsby living the American dream as he is young, rich and beautiful. Jay Gatsby purposely lives across the shore from his dream women Daisy Buchannan who he once shared a romance with. He is able to identify her location with the green light in which reflects to his deck. Nick Caraway, neighbor of Gatsby and cousin of Daisy Buchannan, soon pays a visit to Gatsby himself and is convinced to organize a set up for his cousin and Gatsby to meet again after 10 years. Along the way Nick also catches up with his college pal and husband of Daisy, Tom Buchannan. Tom takes Nick to New York where he meets his mistress Myrtle. Much like the book, Nick is stuck in the middle of a romance of both Daisy and Thomas. Gatsby's extravagant party caught the eyes of many from all over the West Egg but surely not from me. When the Jay-Z music came up, it really did not gratify the setting of the 1920s and was not really appealing. The soundtrack really