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Mesopelogic zone (Twilight) or disphotic zone 200 to 1,000m: Deep blue and black in color. The depth of this zone depends on the clarity of the murkiness of the water. In clear water, the disphotic zone can begin at depths up to 600 feet; in murky water, it can start at only 50 feet deep. It usually begins somewhere between these two extremes 200 to 1,000m. There is enough light to see during the day, but not enough light for photosynthesis to take place, so no plants live in this zone. Amount of light decreases with depth and food is not abundant. There is a continental slope. Bioluminescence: Many of the animals in this zone are bioluminescent; they can make their own light. Most of these species give off an eerie blue green light. Some species even have red lights. Red is invisible to most other deep sea marine organisms, who see mainly blues and greens. Animals use their light to find food, find mates, and to confuse predators. Temperature: Varies from over 20 degrees C (68 degrees F) at the top to around 4 degrees C (39 degrees F) at the boundary with the bathyal zone. Diet: Animals in this zone feed on plant matter and algae that fall into this zone from the euphotic zone, animals are filter feeders, gazers and predators, some animals migrate vertically (up and down) in order to feed upon the…