Twin-screw cooking oil refined oil equipment abroad research situation Essay

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Japan SUEH RO EPM company is a company specializing in the production of edible oil refined oil equipment.In 1992 by Isobe S such as [9, 1 o] people developed a part of the mesh and counter-rotating parallel twin screw oil refined oil equipment (as shown in figure I), and all kinds of agricultural products on the machine of solid-liquid separation experiment research.palm oil refinery plantIn 1999 to further improve and finalize the design production.
Twin-screw cooking oil refined oil equipment used in the experiment using part of the mesh and counter-rotating parallel twin screw structure, screw diameter D = 136 nun, LID aspect ratio = 6.5, the screw rotation speed n = 17 r/min, the feed rate Q = 50 a 150 kg/h, two screw axis rotation in the opposite direction, in the mesh above generate larger pressure and shear forces.Screw shaft structure, cage structure, compression ratio and discharge in cake structure as shown in figure (tanks).In the seventh paragraph of twin-screw used a pair of small pitch screw meshing completely, to help increase yield efficiency.
Squeezing cage with 34 a 50 pieces vertical parallel squeeze cage plate and gasket, oil filter clearance adjusted by 0.2 a 0.9 mm gasket, as shown in figure 3.Press cage plate have two kinds of different thickness, thick type (15 mm) thick board of as the cycle of cooling or heating jacket;Steam pipeThin (thick 5 inm) plate can increase the slit filtering area.In the two hollow screw axis, through steam injection temperature control screw.Preloading period by the use of a wide asked gap, high pressure using narrow gap.
Isobe et respectively with hulled sunflower kernels and without peeling rapeseed in the double helix hydraulic oil press and compares the single spiral hydraulic press machine to…