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Twitter Commerce

Social commerce utilization has been known to improve customer based relationships and sales in several businesses that critically take advantage of social media networks. In an effort to address the challenges associated with the advantages of using Twitter Commerce and increasing sales and customer relationships, this paper will explore how Twitter Commerce’s framework for strategy formulation which will look at the intersection of demographics, economics, psychographics and technology through cashless consumption. This trend looks at the shift away from cash, checks and credit cards to mobile payments, transactions and couponing (Miller, 2010). The establishment of the paper begins with an introduction that sets forth background information on the topic. This is followed by emerging trends that provide an overview of strategies that were designed to increase brand awareness of products or services that spark up conversations around their brand and try to gain interest from consumers. The authors then introduce applications and its linkage to provide an understanding of Twitter Commerce.

“The most explosive change in retail ecommerce for 2011 is the explosive growth in social e-commerce, the growing ability of firms to market local services and products through the use of location –based marketing and rapidly growing mobile platforms composed of smartphones and tablet computers”(Laudon) E-Commerce (incorrect citation. Refer to sample paper on Blackboard). Social e-commerce refers to the marketing and purchasing on social network sites such as Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. What began as an outlet for people to connect with one another around the world by sharing photos, statuses and tweets, has now developed into major marketing and advertising platforms, directing consumers to external web sites to purchase products. With it’s game changing techniques, Twitter has brought a different approach and is taking the e-commerce community by storm. This research paper breaks down the relevance and importance of Twitter commerce by providing the following: 1. Background Information 2. Emerging Trends 3. Application

Background Information
Twitter is the 3rd largest social network in the United States behind Facebook and Linked In. Providing a platform for users to express themselves by creating content and sharing it with their friends/followers who sign up to receive s their tweets. From a one-person startup to fortune 500 CEOs, anyone can and is