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Twitter’s Abilities
Twitter is a micro blogging website you’re given 140 characters to write your thoughts and get your point across. According to Maureen Dowd, a New York Times columnist, twitter is a “’toy for bored celebrities and high school girls.’”(Jaffe, Sarah) Older generations often refuse to acknowledge it, but twitter has come into its own. It’s causing news to be spread within seconds, businesses to hear feedback from their customers, and politics to be discussed in a censored nation. Twitter, the social networking system I use daily, is becoming a network that allows great movements and small voices to be heard. It’s changing society in many aspects including news, politics and business. Twitter is a very fast paced network of different groups, businesses and people tweeting about what is happening every second. This allows for news to travel fast and helps reporters to get the news out quickly and interact with the eyewitnesses. In the eyes of Steve Buttry, director of Community Engagement and Social Media for Journal Register Company, twitter “was actually designed for use as a text-message blogging platform.” This means that twitter was made in order to allow people, businesses, and groups to report things on the go. He also says that “ reporters who are using Twitter often aren’t sitting in front of a computer screen in the news room… they are twittering [tweeting] to be first with the news and connect with eye witnesses.” This shows how reporters are utilizing this new technology to get news out quickly and receive input from the onlookers. This document allows the conclusion that Twitter is changing society by relatively speeding up the output of news, while encouraging more input from the bystanders. Twitter is newly affecting politics in our society in various ways because people who want to fight for a cause can come together and blog about it online. Sarah Jaffe, a blogger, independent political journalist, and feminist pop culture critic accounted that “Iranians and supporters used the hashtag #iranelection to share info on demonstrations, news and action in a country that had cracked down on the media, expelling foreign journalists and arresting local ones.”(Jaffe, Sarah) This demonstates how the Iranian government heavily censors its news, but it couldn’t get a hold of what people had to say on Twitter. Iranians raised awareness of their situation and this allowed people to reach out and help their cause. Twitter helped the victims of suppression in Iran, and without Twitter the Iranians would not be able to support each other and their cause. Businesses are now creating their own twitter accounts in order to receive feedback and opinions from