Two Components of Physical Pain Essay

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This article details and explains that physical pain has two components established by UCLA's Dr. Naomi Eisenberger’s concept. The two are sensory and emotional. The sensory part is labeled in the brain depending on which part of the body is hurt. The emotional component is registered in the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex. This is also where social pain is processed such as heartbreak. Eisenberger has also found that pain relievers such as Tylenol can ease social pain. Her study showed that individuals who took Tylenol for three weeks reported that they had less hurt feelings but, it also showed less brain activity in the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex. Eisenberger also found that individuals with a gene that makes them more prone to physical pain are also more sensitive to social rejection. Emotional and physical pain relate in many ways. Drugs are meditators for physical pain just as social support is a medication for emotional pain. Research also shows that emotional pain can activate brain parts that usually process only with physical pain. A recent study of several individuals experiencing heartbreak was found that rejection activates somatosensory brain regions. These regions were previously thought to only be involved with physical sensation. After reading this article I can definitely understand now that emotional distress can definitely cause physical pain. I believe the mind has more power over the physical body than many people realize. Stress can cause