Two Generations Essay

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F-3-13 Two Generations Throughout history the generations of elders and teens have, it seems, always been at dispute. Whether it is music, fashion, or the way you behave both generations have evolved into their own style. So how much have these two generations changed? When you look at it both generations have not changed that much, in some areas they are the same and in others they have drastically developed.
Music is an important part of teenage fundamentals. The taste of each generation varies but not always by choice. Back then the artists they had available were people such as Elvis Pressley, The Beach Boys, and Stevie Wonder. “When I was growing up we did not have rap. However when I was older, rap was just beginning.”, says Wanda Freeman. Unlike then, we now have the opportunity to listen to any genre of music we would like; Eminem, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé. This could be a reason why both generations are found ranting to the other about their music.
Another thing that has taken a dire change is fashion. Today’s teen fashion is very provocative and shows a lot. However they sometimes wear the clothes in order to rebel but not always. “ I rebelled by doing many things but not by wearing clothes.”, said Dennis Wolterding. Clothing has definitely developed and mostly for girls. They have gone from shin high dresses to booty shorts and skin tight skirts. Probably because of the freedom they receive in