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Two Men and A lot of Trucks


Two Men and a Lot of Trucks

In order to be a successful entrepreneur it takes that person to see an opportunity and to act on that instinct that there is a “lack of” in that area. Some entrepreneur may see a restaurant as a great business venture, but there may not be a lack of restaurants in the area. Maybe someone may want to open their own lawn business, but maybe there isn’t a lack in that area either. The lack may be the person that fixes the lawn equipment when it breaks down, or the fertilizer supplier to the lawn man that the opportunity will exist. Mary Ellen Sheets proved that she can take an opportunity and turn it into millions and a goldmine. Her creative thinking and ability to start a company that would profit millions in return for her 350.00 investment.

Motivation In today’s world of business that business has to set itself apart from any other business of its kind, in order for it to be successful. Gaining the customers respect by giving great customer service and going above and beyond to correct any mistakes. Mary Ellen Sheets has done just that with her company and that’s what makes her and her business so successful. What motivates Sheets is her willing to be customer service ready at any given time. She instills in her employee’s that they should “Treat everyone the way you would want your grandmother treated”, which is with much respect and kindness. She encourages her business partners to have sympathy for their guests and that is what many businesses lack. What sets her apart and also what makes her so successful, is that she was faced with being “different”. She was a mother and a single parent that decided to start her own business, also her being a woman gave her the compassion she needed to sympathize with her customers problems. 3

Her Companies Success

A company’s brand is all it has to stand on that customers can assure that it will be getting the best of the best when purchasing their product. Just as Coke assures their soda’s to be refreshing and
Burger King assures their burger will be flame broiled; businesses need something that their brand can depend on. In the 1990’s Domino’s pizza ended their “30 minutes or it’s free” campaign after several lawsuits from people who were hit by speeding delivery cars. (Wikipedia: Domino’s pizza, 2010). That was not a slogan that they could depend on and Domino’s company couldn’t promise that to their customers without risking lives. Mary Sheets knew that she could ensure great customer service within her company and if something went wrong she would fix it. That attitude has made her a success and she realizes the importance of great service. She has taken service to another level by creating a training facility with real homes and virtual homes for trainee’s to train in a real home before they get into real people’s homes. This will help to eliminate many problems and avoid costly repairs for customers and Sheets.

Conflicts In a business it is