Two Opportunities To Introduce New Products To Current Market

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Analyse and document two opportunities to introduce new products to current market

Our organization mainly designs, develops and sells consumer electronics, computer software and personal computers, for example, TVs, smartphones, computers, music player, etc. Therefore, our organization mainly focus on 25-44 years old range group people who pursue best quality, multifunctional, and creative design. The sales of our products increase year by year.

We developed tablet computers which could shoot video, take photos, play music, and perform Internet functions such as web-browsing and emailing. Other functions—games, reference, GPS navigation, social networking, etc. They can be enabled by downloading and installing apps. In the first three years, we sold 40 million tablet computers around the world, young and stable income persons are the main market. Because of its multi-touch screen, simply interface, innovative design, powerful applications, portable and so on, our marketing department identified two potential opportunities to enter our current market.

We can introduce our new tablet computers to schools and business. They are the most potential markets for fully use of tablet’s functions. There are a lot of benefits using them in schools and business.

Benefits of using tablets for business: 1. Communicating. It allows you to choose several default email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Exchange, etc. 2. Note taking. You can take more notes at meetings and conferences, adding more interesting information to review and follow up, jotting down inspiring ideas as they happen, copying and sharing quotes of famous people, writing down past experiences, and even noting things that you may otherwise forget. 3. Reading. It contains the addictive iBooks reader for browsing eBooks, articles, PDFs. The latest iBooks reader is interactive! Not only can you read static books, but also experience books that are engaging and interactive with multi-touch! Some of the latest eBooks have immersing simulations, beautiful videos, detailed photos, and even built-in quizzes and tests 4. Browsing. Whether you have it with 3G or 4G LTE, or just Wi-Fi, you can browse the Internet everywhere using the built-in Safari browser. You can browse any website. 5. Writing. It is not just for reading. It is fast becoming a useful tool for writing and creating new documents. 6. Seeing. Video is everywhere! Websites, YouTube, Hulu, Facebook, and even eBooks! 7. Essentials. No small business is complete without essential tools such as Calendar, Reminders, Contacts, and Messages. It includes all these tools for your increased productivity. 8. Doing. If you are a small business in a particular industry, there are many business apps available to help you do business! For instance, Roambi turns your data into secure mobile dashboards and views up-to-the-minute company information. 9. Learning. It allows you the small business owner and entrepreneur, to review and check out specific business classes, lectures, videos and tutorials to help you build and grow your business. 10. Portability. How easy it is to move it around and move around with it, how much lightweight it is, and how you can carry it practically everywhere!

The many benefits of using tablets in the Classroom include: 1. Saving money by combining books, diaries, writing implements, calculators, word processors, etc. all in one media tablet. 2. Allowing students to take control of their own learning. 3. The touch-screen interface allows students to engage more interactively with content. 4. Education programs can be tailor made for each student. 5. Wi-Fi and 3/4G connectivity allow for almost instantaneous and continuous access of information. The ability to quickly switch between applications makes it easier for students to switch between different modes of learning (i.e. research and creation). 6. Mobile data