two weeks with the queen Essay

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For my coat of Arms I chose to do various designs and colours. In this piece of writing I will tell you how I came up with them and what they all mean to me.
The Roses-
To represent the roses I drew them on the side of the coat of arms closed. They are closed because to me that means that they are fresh ,new, haven’t been there very long unlike the open roses which to me means that they are old, been there a long time and about to die.
The rose also means love and that is what fills my life, with love from family and friends.
The rose is important to me because it is a symbol of love and without love your life wouldn’t be as great as it is today.
The Happy Face-
To represent enjoyment I chose the happy face. The happy face is a great choice for enjoyment because when you’re enjoying yourself you’re happy and when you’re happy you smile.
Things that I do that make me happy are netball, tennis, swimming, games, sports, and having fun with friends.
I put the smiley faces with the question marks on my coat of arms.
Enjoyment is important to because if you didn’t have enjoyment in your life then you won’t be happy and being happy is what people my age are soposto be.
The Freedom Symbol-
For the freedom symbol I chose a character with cuffs coming off of his hands, to me that is saying that he or she is saying that they are now free. The reason that I chose to do that particular symbol is because it means that he or she is free and being free means you have freedom