Tyler: Magna Carta and Napoleon Bonaparte Essays

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Tyler Robbins
Period 1
European History

Top Ten List

1.) Declaration of Right of Man and Citizen 2.) Montesquieu 3.) John Locke 4.) National Assembly 5.) Habeas Corpus 6.) Voltaire 7.) English Bill of Rights 8.) Petition of Right 9.) Napoleon Bonaparte 10.) Magna Carta

The Declaration of Rights of Man and of the Citizen was chosen first because it is enormously influenced into our government today. This document gives rights to the citizens such as equal rights, certain freedoms, and property rights. This is enforced greatly and without this document then our government would be very close to dictatorship because a lot of citizens given rights would be taken away.
Montesquieu was chosen first because he established the three branches of government and our government still uses it today with the executive, judicial, and legislative branch. It is extremely successful and uses checks and balances so that no branch has too much power over the other ones. Without Montesquieu and the three branches, our government may not have been as organized or as well functioning as it is today.
Habeas Corpus was chosen as the middle because it is not as powerful as coming up with a governmental system, but it did influence the judicial branch. The judicial branch uses this document when prosecuting someone. The Habeas Corpus states that a person accused of a crime is to be brought forth by a judge. Without this document, then our prosecution system would be messed up and people could be going to jail even if they were completely innocent.
The Magna Carta was chosen last because it did not have too much influence on modern times because it had to do with laws against…