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George Robison
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21 April, 2015
Tyler, The Creator
Tyler, the Creator has his own sort of musical style. He has had many inspirations that caused him to begin his musical interests. He first showed signs of musical interest when he was around seven years of age. Since then he has produced three solo albums, and one from his alternate rap group that he created, Odd Future. He has won many awards and has been on the top charts a few times as well. He has a very unique style that causes many people to become interested in him and begin listening to his music. It’s an interesting story of his early life, what caused his musical interest, and what inspires his unique music style.
"What happened in Tyler's early life?" Tyler did not have the best/ easiest life early on.
He was born Tyler Gregory Okonma to a white Canadian mother and a Nigerian father. His father left his mother, sister, and him before Tyler had a chance to actually meet him. He moved around the area of Los Angeles a lot before he began his stardom. In his twelve years of school he moved twelve times in the areas of Ladera Heights and Hawthorne, in the southern communities of L.A. Moving around so much made it difficult for him to make friends and keep them. Everytime Tyler would get used to a place, he would have to move again.
“What inspires his music?” There are many inspirations from many different types of music that have caused the style of music Tyler has adopted. To fully find out all of his inspiration, you would have to go all the way back to when he first started making his album

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covers. He has claimed that the greatest influences of his music come from artists such as:
Beachhouse, Eminem, D12, Lil Wayne, Wu­ Tang Clan and Broadcast. He grew up listening to them forming their styles into a style that is unlike any other. Combining all of these varied talents, you come up with the unique style of Tyler, The Creator.
“What caused his interest in music?’ Tyler showed interest in music at a very young age.
At the age of seven he would make his own album covers with song times. He started playing music at the age of 12, when he taught himself how to play piano and sing. He was first noticed by a fellow classmate when he was a senior. He did not originally know how to react to the praise, since he had never been noticed before. He found his spotlight in 2009 when he