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Tears of a Tiger is a novel about a high school student named Andy Jackson. The novel starts off with a newspaper article about a car accident that killed the town's star basketball player, Robbie Washington. Andy was the driver of the car and his three friends, Robbie, B.J. and Tyrone were also in the car. Three of the boys were drinking which was the cause of the accident. Andy, B.J., and Tyron all left the scene of the accident with minor injuries, the memory of hearing Robbie scream to his best friend "Andy! Andy! Help me--Help me--Oh God, please don't let me die like this! Andy!" (14), and the images of the burning and Robbie's Nike are sticking out of the windshield. After the accident, the boys return to school and the accident continues to stay with them. Andy starts to see a psychologist to get help but the memories of the accident are more than he can handle. He begins to date a girl named Keisha who really helps him through the rough times. Andy is appointed the basketball team's captain, which is the position that Robbie held. Andy's own parents never come to the games but Robbie's parents continue to come even though their son is no longer alive. Although his visits to the psychologist are supposed to be helping Andy adjust, his grade begin to suffer and becomes really moody. Several times throughout the novel he walks out of class, snaps at someone or starts to cry uncontrollably. Everything seems to remind him of Robbie and he feels guilty for his death. B.J. and Tyron go to the school's counselor to get help for Andy but she dismisses the boys and tells that that Andy will be just fine. Robbie's psychologist suggests that Andy write a letter to Robbie's parents as a therapeutic exercise. Andy writes a letter about all the good memories he and Robbie shared and how he always felt like he was part of their family. Shortly after mailing the letter to the psychologist and to Robbie's parents, Andy is declared stable by the psychologist and only needs to speak with him on a "as needed" basis.B.J. Tyron seem to have moved on from the accident and have adjusted pretty well. Andy, however, has everyone fooled into thinking that he is adjusting well to the accident and Robbie's death except for his girlfriend Keisha. She is the only one who truly knows what kind of pain Andy is dealing with and it starts to really