Types of Athletes Essay

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Joseph Zantt
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Types of Athletes

‘Since the age of 5 I have seen different “Types of Athletes” the sport I played at 5 was baseball and the types of athletes I seen was the overtop type, good type, and the so-so type. It was one boy on my team that was under the overtop type of player because every time he got up he would get a hit and by time the end of the season he hit 10 homeruns. The type of player I was under the good type of player because I just had started to play but I learn pretty fast so I would get a hit most of the time. We else had the so-so type of player they would try hard but they didn’t get as much hit as we need but what I like about the so-so players was that they would always try their best.
As I got a little older I started to play football and the some type of players that was in baseball was in football too. But when started to play football I wasn’t as good because it was hard to get used to the pads and stuff was hard to run in it at first because in baseball it was no weight on me. That whole was hard for because this teams that we were playing had more of the overtop athletes then we had we just had the good and the so-so players because most of the team it there first time playing just like me. So we take a lot blow outs and them blows can hurt the soul because as a kid getting beat like that doesn’t feel good that all.
When I went to my brother high school football games his I would the some type of athletes? The overtop athletes were the ones that never come off the field they would play the whole game so they had to be the best player on the teams. The good…