Types Of Bullying

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a) 1. Bullying 2. Peer Pressure 3. Internet Addiction
-Bullying is a teen issue that happens through our everyday life.
- Bullying is when you scare or hurt someone intentionally and make that person feel hurt, afraid or uncomfortable.
- In most cases, the person being bullied doesn't have the will to stand up or defend themselves. - It is sad how many people see bullying that occurs but don't do anything about it for example telling an adult. - Bullying usually because they feel insecure about themselves or because they have been hurt in the past and feel the need to do the same to someone else.
- Bullying can cause headaches, stomach aches, panic attacks etc.
- An example of someone I who has been bullied is Demi Lovato. People at her elementary school would call her fat and because of this, Demi had to be homeschooled and developed an eating disorder; Bulimia and Anorexia plus a mental disorder called Bipolar disorder.

b) 1. Divorce 2. Abuse 3. Communication Problems
- Family communication issue is an issue many families struggle with
-By family communication issues, I mean not communicating at all or not very much, misunderstanding, etc
- I believe family communication is very important because it allows everyone to feel like they are able to express their thoughts and needs
-It also helps a family become closer and comfortable with each other
-Because this is very important, I believe if this is an issue with a family, they should go see a therapist about it

c) 1. Employment 2. Immigration 3. Health Care -There are many issues that involve employment such as unemployment, wrongful dismissal, human