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Latisha Curry Unit 2

There are three type of computers. Microcomputers is the complete computer on a smaller scale,
More commonly called a personal computer P.C designed for individual use. A mother computer the mini
Computer is a type of computer that processed the most of the features of a large computer but is smaller
In physical size. The mainframes refereed to the big iron of computers in movement or corporation
Government organizations for critical applications & bulk data processing.
In the secretary office at a local church she uses a desktop computer for her office work.
This computer is used for programs, letters, obituaries & other things that she has to for the church. There
Are other members that might use this computer for other reason like finanaical reports, tracking donation
And other funds. A graphic designer will probably a laptop with touchscreen capabilites & have a desktop just for back up. His desktop will be possible be built from the ground up just so that it would give him that access & designs that he needs. A lawyers office main computer is a desktop so that they can generate multiple documents.
Selecting the right computers one 3rd of the right decision in their practice, because your computer is
Your main tool the use. Laptops are slightly less powerful & more expensive but some Lwyers have them in their office so that they can go wherever they go. When purchasing any computer you need to focus on your speed, hard drive & ram.

Latisha Curry_Unit 2

Lenovo Idea Pad Flex 15.6 “ Processor Man AMD
Convertible 2 in1 touchscreen 1 GB
AMD Radeon HD 8210 DUAL CORE (2 Core)
1366 x 768 Display Hybrid Hard Drive RPM 5400
Bluetooth Capacity 500 GB
Multitouch SSD…