Types Of Drugs In The World

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The Types of Drugs in the World


There are many types of drugs in the World today. Some are Legal and others are Illegal. A drug is a substance which can affect the way your mind and body works.

There are a lot of illegal drugs which are highly addictive e.g. cannabis, cocaine, speeds, LSD and heroin. These types of drugs are very dangerous and can kill.

Legal drugs can be prescribed by your doctor if necessary. These drugs can be can be used to cure illnesses. Most of the drugs which are legal are mild and might give you some drowsiness.

All types of drugs come from chemicals in the roots, seeds, bark, leaves and juices of a plant.

Antibiotics are drugs which can kill the bacteria from your body.
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* The effects last anything from 3 to 6 hours.

The Risks

* As ecstasy starts working (known as 'coming up') users may feel a tightening of the jaw, nausea, sweating and an increase in heart rate. * The comedown can leave users feeling tired and depressed, often for days.

* Use has been linked to liver and kidney problems.

* Studies into the effects of ecstasy are still at an early stage.
However, research shows that MDMA dramatically affects the brain chemistry of animals.

* There have been about 60 ecstasy-related deaths in the UK.


Heroin is normally named as smack, brown, horse, gear, H, junk, skag, jack. What it looks like/How it's taken

* Heroin is a painkilling drug made from morphine which is derived from the opium poppy.

* It comes as a white powder when pure. Street heroin is usually brownish-white. * It is snorted, smoked or injected.

* Heroin is a Class A drug.

The Effects

* In small doses, heroin gives the user a sense of warmth and well-being. * Higher doses can make them drowsy and relaxed.

* Excessive amounts can result in overdose, coma, and in some cases death. * First-time use often leads to side-effects like dizziness and vomiting. The Risks [IMAGE]

* Heroin is very addictive. Getting the next fix can dominate a user's life.

* Tolerance develops, which means the user needs more heroin to get the same effect.

* Users who form a habit may end up