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Stop Playing Around If there were video games, there were people who didnt like them. Ever since the first couple of video games came out, people quickly decided what genre they enjoyed more than others. It wasnt an easy task back then. With there only being four or five different kinds of games: sports, action, horror, and adventure. As the years went on comsumers craved variety and something that they weren't used to. The big companies like Namco-Bandai, Nintendo, and Ubisoft that were producing these great games didn't want to stray from them, only to potentially fail with a game. As a result, many new companies stared up to try and make great new games. Which resulted in a multitude of new genres and sub-genres. Off road racing was created as an alternative to traditional on road racing. The ever-so-popular first-person-shooter genre was created and became a classic. These genres were the start of something new in the gaming world, and the consumers were enjoying every bit of it. With all of these genres rapidly being created, a consumer could have a specific type of game that he/she liked to play. In this way, three gaming profiles were created. The Casual: They are the ones who are fun to have around. They find the most outrageous build for their character for whatever game. They're proud of their ability to bring people together in one setting. These are the people who have grown up with things like World of Warcraft and Everquest. To them, if your character isn't absolutely engaged in their talents, you aren't giving the party your all. In a game these players can be a good or a bad thing. They tend to be focused on whatever they are doing at the moment. So asking them to help you might not be the best choice. But if something threatens their lives, they will make a quick decision and go after it. They also get you into some of the most fantastic situations. If you're looking for any kind of deep story gameplay, these kinds of players just aren't into it. Most of the time they'll just fade into the background and wait until its their turn to speak. They do get annoyed, and sometimes they will actually get angry at the other players for "wasting time". They aren't in it for the character or story development. They're there to have the most fun and spend time with friends, and if that's not what's going on, they get irritated and impatient. The Troll. Trolls are at the game table for one reason: to mess around. They usually create characters with backstabbing abilities and talents, whichever will give them the greatest opportunity to steal or cheat. They like to mess with the NPC's, the characters, and the players. They make jokes about the characters, and make jokes about the players. They fool around, and they're there to have easygoing fun. Trolls players usually make very interesting, engaging characters that are easy to build plots with, if only because of the amount of trouble they tend to get into. They bring a lot of humor to the table, and can make things fun for everyone if the rest of the group is willing to play along. But constant messing with other people can cause some dislike between people. No one…