Types Of Gardens Essay

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Water Feature

There are 3 categories of water feature plants: submerged, marginal, and floating. Water Lily is an example of submerged, while Lotus is a type of marginal plant. Water Lettuce is an example of floating. I would place this type of garden near foliage in the backyard, or play to the natural features of the backyard.

Shade Garden

The plants in shade gardens can be divided into annual and perennial plants. Lady’s eardrops are a plant used in shade gardens and this type is an annual plant. Foamy bells and coral bells are perennial plants. I would place this garden near the house or shed where there is shade already, along with trees to provide more shade.

Fruit Garden

Some fruits can be found on trees; others can be found on bushes. Examples of fruit that can be grown in a garden are: strawberries, watermelon, apples, and cherries. This garden would be more efficient if it is placed near the house because it is easier to bring in the fruit. All the fruits should be placed together in one garden.

Vegetable Garden

Vegetable garden plants can separated into plants that are grown underground and plants that are grown above ground. A few plants that can dug from underground are potatoes and carrots. Above ground vegetables are peppers and corn. I would place this garden near the house to make it simpler to bring the vegetables in.

Rock Garden

Rocks can be used in gardens as well. Rocks vary in size depending on the space desired for the garden. Any type of rocks can be used for the garden. Some common types are concrete blocks, bricks, and stone. Water and other plants can occasionally be found accompanying these rock gardens. I would place this garden in a small area that looks bare because these rocks can be place anywhere. Also, slopes are a great place for rock gardens.