Essay on Types of Major Open Wounds

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Step 2: After many hours, a scab forms.
Step 3: After one week from the injury has

An Avulsion is chunks or pieces of tissue torn away by force of auto, explosion, and other types of incidents. Bleeding can be mild or severe, also internal damage may

happened, the scab becomes part of the skin. Step 4: After many weeks, the scab has been shed and the epidermis is back to normal. A shallow dip shows where the scab or injury used to be. Over time the skin will even out

be present. It involves all three layers of the skin. Clean it out and make sure to keep it dry.

Bibliography http://medicaldiction- Skin Repair Step 1: Bleeding starts at the sight of the injury, right after the injury. Mast cells in the region trigger the inflammatory response.

wound-treatment ries/ht/07_avulsion.htm

Major Types of Open

the bleeding,, clean the area with warm water,



and cover it.

Abrasions are the result of scraping against something. It damages the upper layer of skin, known as the Epidermis. An
Abrasion may cause bleeding, they do not cause scars. But deeper ones may cause tissue damage and scaring. The most important thing to do is make sure you clean it out, and cover it with a dry dressing.

Incisions are…