Types Of Memory

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What is Memory?

Memory refers to a mental process that is used to gain, gather, and recover information. The information that is stored in our memory with the help of our senses will be processed by numerous systems all through our brain, and it will be accumulated for later use (Mason, 2003-2006). Gordon and Berger (2003) said that there are two basic kinds of memory: ordinary and intelligent memory. Ordinary memory is remembering specific names of people, time, place, locations of certain things, and things to be done. It is comparatively fragile for it stores information for a few minutes, and that information will soon be forgotten. Thus, it is what fails when we can’t remember something. We are
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To cure absentmindedness, we have to be aware of what we are doing. Once we are aware of it, the next thing that we have to do is concentrate on what we are doing. Of course, we need to focus our mind on our task and be alert all the time.
Also, finding motivation and getting inspired help us to sustain our concentration. Being motivated gives us enough energy to accomplish our tasks. It helps us to make our brain work properly. Also, it will broaden our mental perspective if we focus on the positive things that motivate us. With an inspiration, we can easily manage distractions, and we can be able to stay focused. Keep in mind that paying attention is a conscious part of our lives (Turkington, 2003; Eastaway, 2004; Gordon & Berger; 2003). TRAIN YOUR BRAIN 6
In order to enhance our ability to pay attention and to remember, we need to create mental connections between our sensations, ideas, and memories. Meaning, we have to make associations for us to remember properly. We all know that memorizing huge amount of information can be a nerve-wracking task. The tendency to forget that information is very high because our brain doesn’t work well at recalling huge amount of information. We cannot deny the fact that the names of certain people, places, and things are hard to recall. However, there are strategies that we can do for us to be able to remember. Using some mnemonic devices like acrostic, acronym, and method of Loci