Types of Religion Essay

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Unit 10 Religion Test review
1. Attempts to be global to appeal to all people no matter where they live. Ex: Christianity
2. Religion that appeals primarily to one group of people living in one place.
3. Universalizing: Christianity Ethnic: Hinduism
4. Christianity: bible
Islam: quran
Buddhism: 4 noble truths, palicanon
Hinduism: No central authority or single holy book. Choose on ritual that’s suits you
Confucianism: Lun’ Analects
Daoism: Tao Te Ching
Shintoism: Recordings of ancient matters
Judaism: old testament
Animism: No text but spreads word of mouth
Baha’i: writings of Baha’u’llan and other leaders
Sikhism: Guru Granth Sanib
5. Christianity: Cathedral
Islam: Mosque
Buddhism: Shrines, pagodas, temples, monestaries
Hinduism: Homes shines, temple
Confucianism: Temple
Daoism: Outdoor temple
Shintoism: Home Shrines
Judaism: Synagogues
Animism: Nature
Baha’i: Houses of worship, temples
Sikhism: Temple
6. Through relocation diffusion
7. It didn’t diffuse because it is an ethnic religion
8. Universalizing: Celebrations of the founders life
Ethnic: Celebration of the seasons
9. You cant drink, work, it is the holy day
10. They need to have a pass or something like a green card or certificate to get in or an arab licinse
11. Eastern orthodox, Roman catholic, and protestant
12. Find them in the middle east, north Africa, and central asia, Shiite-middle east
13. India
14. Sunni, Shiite
15. Than inanimate objects have spirits and conscious life
16. It doesn’t have as many followers as universalizing religions do
17. North Ireland is protestant while south Ireland is Roman Catholic. There is a problem is because they are all one government and before they got their independence from the U.K. Well the north part of Ireland want s to still be part of the U.K while the southern part doesn’t because religion and government go together which would have to make the northern part roman Catholic also instead of protestant like…