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Contrary to some theories, few pass times provide more entertainment than karaoke. Regardless if you are at your local bar, restaurant or friend’s house, replacing all the countless memories of singing Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” would be near impossible. When I indulge myself in karaoke events, my songs are nothing short of a performance. Rather if I’m pouring my heart and soul into one of Adele’s top hits, or parading around the room belting “American Pie”, my main priority is to entertain my now captive audience, with all of Michael Jackson’s famous dance moves and the voice of an angel.
The heartbroken drunk girl Regardless of the gathering, time after time the heartbroken drunk girl never fails to please. She’s the girl whose boyfriend has “actually ended things this time” for the countless time, and now she’s crying on stage singing Taylor Swift’s latest single, with mascara dripping down her face, and a bottle of Jack Daniels close by. In order to prevent your dear heartbroken drunk friend from embarrassing herself, it is highly suggested to jump on stage with her and sing a happier song seeping with happy “I’m single now” lyrics as opposed to allowing her to sob on stage all night. The Johnny Cash impersonator
The only way to coaxes the inner Johnny Cash out of the typical quiet dad, is to continuously hand him drinks all night. The classic performance of “The Ring of Fire” usually occurs as the karaoke bar is about to close. However, Johnny’s impersonator will almost always deny the event the next day and vow he is against karaoke. Out of all the singers of the night, his slightly off-key version of “The Ring of Fire” is bound to close the night on a higher note. The Awkward Duet
On karaoke nights, duets are either provide the most applause or the leas; which is considerably challenging task since the heartbroken drunk girl episode usually wins least claps of the night. A happy medium in this situation is the Awkward Duet. The usual set up for this duet is generated by the two individual’s friend group. Most Awkward Duets are two complete stranger, consisting with the insouciant, charismatic boy and the studious, introvert girl. However, the awkward feelings are not consequent to the singing abilities of the individuals, but simply just being thrown into a karaoke song with a complete stranger.

The American Idol Wannabes
Throughout all the performances of the night, the American Idol Wannabes will be the performers that are reminisced on for years to come. These individuals never fail to please the whole crowd with their choice…