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Eduardo Filho
Oct.15th , 2013
That’s How We Play

In nowadays soccer is worldwide game, is considered by some, one of the most popular games, involving a lot of persons around the world. By consequence, this game is practiced in many different styles but in professional soccer there’s three types of team’s style: the Tiki-Taka, the Defensive Football and the Total Football. The Tiki-Taka is one the most recent styles of soccer, this style is specially characterized by maintain the possession of the ball, using short passes and forming a tactical position creating triangles between all team mates what makes the opponent team lose their minds and they become unable to score because they don’t gave the ball at all. One of the greatest examples of this style to prove how effective it is and how it works is the FC Barcelona team, they won many Spanish, European and international competitions playing this type of game. Other style of soccer is the Defensive Football, this one follow a simple old popular norm in the football vocabulary “who doesn’t score, will suffer a goal” and that is what it is. This style have a special tactical colocation of the player, they must be protecting their goal, in other words they must be most of the part on the their half-field defending and when they have the opportunity they leave really fast to counterattack, most of the times scoring. A good example of defensive football is the José Moutinho’s Internazionale Team, they won every team in all competitions, beating also the great team of FC Barcelona (the user of Tiki-Taka) using a good defense and a demolish and quickly counterattack. The last but not the least is the Football Total. This style is old style that was invented