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PLEASE disregard any references to other pages. Follow the guidelines & examples provided on this tip sheet and you will comply with this courses' format objective.
Subject: APA Basics

APA (5th edition) BASICS

¨ Header: o o o ¨

half inch from top margin abbreviated title (two or three words) five spaces then¿insert page number (title page starts with page 1)

Center in the center of the page o Title of Paper¿capitalize all major words (not if, and, the, etc.) o Your name o Title of course o Name of Instructor o Date o *double space everything; use normal font in a 12-point size

ABSTRACT: o o o o

Only used if paper is eight pages or longer OR if instructor requires one
Use new page
See p. 411 in LBCH.
Summarize (100 words) subject, research methods, findings, and conclusions.


Use normal font (Times New Roman) in size 12
One inch margins top, bottom, and right, one and a half inch on left margin
Double space from Header¿Title
Double space from Title
Indent first paragraph five to seven spaces
One space between words, after a period, and after all punctuation

REFERENCES o Don¿t forget: Double space everything! o Use new page o Use hanging indent (first line is flush left and subsequent lines are indented five to seven spaces) o See pages 397-410 in LBCH. o Double space from header¿type References¿double space o Entries should be alphabetical by author o Every source mentioned in your paper must be cited in your references; every source in your references must have been mentioned in your paper o Italicize names of books, journals, newspapers, and magazines o Titles of books and articles should only have first word, proper nouns, and first word after a colon capitalized-all other words begin with small letters. (See p. 398-Titles) o Authors are listed by last name, first initial and middle initials o Use an & before the last author¿s name o Publication date in parentheses after author¿s name, followed by a period. o City of publication and state name, followed by a colon, then the publisher. Cities not requiring name of state:
Baltimore, Boston, Chicago. Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, and San Francisco.

Basic Reference Samples:
Book with one author:
Rodriguez, R. (1982). A hunger of memory: The education of Richard Rodriques.
Boston: Godine.

Book with two authors:
Nesselroade, J.R., & Balters, P.B. (1999). Longitudinal research in the study of behavioral development. New York: Academic Press.
See pages 399-402 for book variations.
Journal Article:
Emery, R.E. (1989). Marital turmoil: Interpersonal conflict and the children of discord and divorce. Psychological Bulletin, 91, 310-330.
Lewis, P.H. (1999, January 21). Many updates cause profitable confusion. The New York
Times, pp. D1, D5.
A Journal Article Published Online and in Print:
Palfrey, A. (1996). Choice of mates in identical twins [Electronic version]. Modern
Psychology, 4(1), 26-40.
A Journal Article Retrieved from an Electronic Database:
Wilkins, J. M. (1999). The myths of the only child. Psychology Update, 11(1). 16-23.
Retrieved December 20, 1999, from ProQuest database.
Web Page, no date:
Thompson, G. (n.d.). Youth coach handbook. In Joe soccer.