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Assignment: TACC403 – Accounting Information systems

TACC403 – Accounting Information systems

Individual Assignment
Semester 2, 2014

Total Marks: 25% of total marks for TACC403

Due date: Submit your assignment on Moodle on Friday week 10

Assignment: TACC403 – Accounting Information systems

You are given the following problem to analyse and answer the questions listed at the end of it and submit your answers as a report. Make sure to follow the requirements and report structure mentioned below under a separate heading.
Because improved computer security measures sometimes create a new set of problems—user antagonism, sluggish response time, and hampered performance— some people believe the most effective computer security is educating users about good moral conduct. Richard Stallman, a computer activist, believes software licensing is antisocial because it prohibits the growth of technology by keeping information away from the neighbours. He believes high school and college students should have unlimited access to computers without security measures so that they can learn constructive and civilized behaviour. He states that a protected system is a puzzle and, because it is human nature to solve puzzles, eliminating computer security so that there is no temptation to break in would reduce hacking.
1. Do you agree that software licensing is antisocial?
2. Is ethical teaching the solution to computer security problems?
3. Would the removal of computer security measures reduce the incidence of computer fraud? Why or why not?

Assignment: TACC403 – Accounting Information systems

Requirements & report structure
Reference sources from general websites are not acceptable.
At least six (6) credible references must be used and at least three (3) of these must be from academic (scholarly) journals. The remaining three (3) may be from industry magazines or books. The references can be from printed or online sources and must be current (i.e. within the last seven (7) years).
You are to answer the questions listed at the end of the problem and submit your answers as a report (1500 to 2000 words).
For report, create a WORD file to develop your report and include the following:
Title page (no borders or frames, required details include a suitable report title, assignment title, your name, student number, course code and title, and due date)
Executive summary (briefly describe the purpose of the report and the date on which it was requested, a brief summary of your major findings, conclusions, and recommendations.)
Table of contents (TOC) (use the feature in WORD for auto generated TOC, the headings
‘Title page’, ‘Executive summary’ and ‘Table of contents’ and also the individual headings on the title page should not appear in the table of contents that is generated.)
Introduction (identify the purpose of the report and what you will be discussing within the report.) Discussion (This is the main body of the report, after ‘Introduction’ and before ‘Conclusion’ headings. This is where you will present the arguments for your recommendations. You will need to consider headings and sub‐headings, as many as your discussion requires, between
‘Introduction’ and ‘Conclusion’, using WORD heading styles to guide your discussion to answer the tasks listed for the case study. You will need to determine in which order you present your material. You should not include the tasks, but a discussion about those issues that have been highlighted in the tasks.)…