Tyrannosaurus and Bradbury Shows Essay

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“Maybe time can’t be changed by us, or maybe it can be changed only in little subtle ways.” (Ray Bradbury 75) In the short story A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury, a hunter visits a safari that goes back in time so anyone will be able to hunt any animal they want. When the hunter, Eckels, travels back to the past, he learns that the littlest mistakes can make a huge difference. Eckels, a hunter, goes to Time Safari, inc. to achieve his dream of hunting a Tyrannosaurus Rex. There were four other people that went on the trip. Travis, Lesperance, Billings, and Kramer. They all traveled from the year 2055 all the way back 60 million years ago to the land of the dinosaurs. Before they are let out of the time machine, the hunters are warned to not step on something that could change the future in a little way or even drastically. When they go off to hunt, the hunters eventually see the T-rex. Eckels is so frightened that he runs off the path and back to the time machine. Later, after they return back to their present time, things seem a little different. The smell of the air, the language, and the president. All because Eckels had stepped on a butterfly. Ray Bradbury showed that even the smallest mistakes could have bigger outcomes. Bradbury showed this by even when Eckels was strictly warned to not step off the path, he still did on accident. Eckels had not even known he stepped on the butterfly until he got back to the future and noticed everything changed. So just by stepping on that small butterfly without even knowing, it changed huge parts of the future. The author of A Sound of Thunder used a great amount of detail to create imagery and simile. One good detailed imagery was, “The Tyrant Lizard raised itself. It’s armored flesh glittered like a thousand green coins. The