Essay U.S. Healthcare vs Canada and India

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Despite the documented challenges that the U.S. health care system faces, it also enjoys a number of advantages over other systems around the world.

Choose 2 other countries from around the world and discuss the strengths of the U.S. health care system as compared to these countries from an administrator’s and a third-party payer’s perspectives.
In your answer, be sure to not only discuss each strength, but provide an explanation as to why you feel the United States has this advantage over the other countries you chose.

United States has many strengths and weaknesses within the healthcare system. In this case, we are going to focus on the strengths of the healthcare system in the United States
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India has a very weak public sector and a large, unregulated private sector.
There will be areas; especially where the poor live will have physicians without any type of formal training has put into place a clinic. Even if a physician has been formally trained, they do not need permission, registration or file any type of papers to set up a clinic. The type of care the public access would depend on the amount of money they have available. A man by the name of Nabhi, who immigrated to America from India 27 years ago was at the Medical Center of Plano said that in India he sometimes would not go to a hospital with the best and highest quality of care because he did not have that much money. Dr. Bapna of the VA Medical Center in Dallas, who is from India, said there are no regulations, no standardization and no accountability within the private sector and in the name of efficiency, what they have been promoting over the last few years to be considered market anarchy. The poor do not receive the service they need at a cost they can afford. There are some signs of success in India is that infant mortality is down, which is less than half it what it was 20 years ago, and in addition, life expectancy has risen and has also reduced its absolute poverty by more than half. With over 1 billion people living in India, this country has quite a unique challenge in the healthcare industry.
Every day the sick wait. There are some that wait for hours, while others