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Unit 1 Assignment

1. Briefly describe the landmark healthcare act that was passed in 2010. (One paragraph in an appropriate length.)
In 2010, President Obama signed into law the landmark healthcare reform bill. The bill which by law will provide affordable healthcare coverage to millions of uninsured Americans. The bill specify that healthcare coverage will be provided to all individuals regardless of their medical history.
2. Discuss what is meant by the phrase “Healthcare Stakeholders”. (One to three sentences is an appropriate length.)
Healthcare Stakeholders are those with a claim in healthcare such as the provider of care, those tasked with the financial facet of the health care and of course those who receive the care.
3. Discuss what is meant by the phrase “Aging of America”. (One to three sentences is an appropriate length.)
The phrase “Aging of America” is a phrase that is gaining weight and momentum as years pass us by. Many experts are predicting that a much higher number of aging Americans would be alive for much longer than earlier generations. This is an issue that be critical in many ways and it is being overlooked by many.
4. Currently, the United States Healthcare System operates on an individualist approach. Describe how the Affordable Care Act of 2010 changes this system. (One paragraph in an appropriate length.)
ACA changes a system that is irregular and too “individual”. Changes that builds up a sense of belonging for individuals.
5. What are the four major interest groups which have influence over healthcare? Briefly describe how each is involved.
Five major groups have played key roles in debates on tax-funded health services: providers, insurers, consumers, business, and labor.
6. Identify and describe the three essential components of a successful HIT implementation. (One paragraph in an appropriate length.)
The first essential component is the technology. Organizations often focus on this first component with the mistaken belief that merely selecting the “right” technology or the “right EHR” is the most important aspect of HIT implementation. The essential technologies needed to implement an EHR system are a relational database, a computer network, and computer workstation.
The second component of successful implementation, work policies and procedures, makes implementing HIT systems in the clinical environment extremely challenging due to wide variations in work policies and procedures among different organizations and institutions.
The most significant component of HIT implementation is the institutional and organizational culture—what people are willing to do.17 This is the most critical, least studied, and least understood of the HIT implementation components.18
7. What is meant by the term meaningful use?
The criterion defined by the ONC in collaboration with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that entails meeting a set of time-delineated requirements for eligible