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The five documents used for employment in American apparel are useful in different formats.

Cover Letter:
A cover letter is the first document the employer receives from the employee. They are useful since they are used by the employer to make decisions about the candidate before interviewing them. A cover letter could also be helpful to the candidates because the letter portrays the candidate’s keenness and skills, it gives the candidate a chance to sell themselves and tell the employers why they are the best candidate.
If a candidate is applying to American apparel, they should only include skills that are relevant to the job. An example of this is that is they are applying for an assistant manager; the candidate should include skills such as leadership skills, motivational skills and communication skills.

The CV is attached to the cover letter; a CV is a part of the candidate’s process to sell their skills, knowledge and experience to the employer so that the employer can distinguish the employee from the other applicants that have applied for the same job role.
The CV contains basic information about the candidate and their personal statement. Their education and work history is also included (this information can also be included on the cover letter and application form). The candidate will also have to write any relevant hobbies section to interest the employer. The information provided in the CV, helps the employer make their decision.

Job Description
When a person is seeking for a job and they find the one they desire, they look at the job description. The job description includes the requirements and duties that the job requires.
The job description is helpful to both employees and employers. It is useful to employees because they can use it to make their CV. Employers can use the job description to decide on the perfect employee. They can use the job description and compare whether the candidate has the right skills and abilities for the job.

Application Form
An application forms is a form filled by the candidate in order for them to apply for the job. Applications can be filled in online or on paper. The application form goes along with the CV and person specification. The employer can use the application form to find out more about a candidate such as available working hours, previous job history, education, personal details and references. This lets the employer know how