U1L5 Life In Totalitaria 2 Essay

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Totalitaria is a beautiful tropical island, or one could call it a paradise. Its beautiful people live in a land of perpetual and lush vegetation that provide for every human need. One of the most attractive aspects of life in Totalitaria is the absence of problems and worries.

Nobody frets about selecting a job or career since the Government selects a job for you that is right for you and tells you what to do. Not only that, but you don’t need unions or strikes because the Government decides whether more schooling will suit a child or whether the child would be happier in trade school learning a practical, useful skill. As you can see, all the worry over decisions is lifted from the shoulders of the young.

The Government is, actually, three wise men. With great compassion and kindness, they seek to ease the problems of the people. An example is the new law that requires parents to get permission before having a baby. Too many babies were born, so now, parents have to apply for a license to have children.

No history of Totalitaria is taught (only the “three wise men” know the past) and little information is allowed in from the outside world. This is good because people might get worried or confused by knowledge of the past or recent news. There is no need to know about anything by modern Totalitaria life. Since some important people of the past had “bad” ideas no one has heard of them. The people of Totalitaria simply concentrate on the present future. “Live for today” is a popular slogan.

All books in Totalitaria are nice books with happy story plots and acceptable ideas. The favorite book by far (there’s one in every barracks) is “The Wise Thoughts of the Chairman Three”. This provides all the guidance the people really need. Music, art, and theater are all selected and directed by the Government.

In most countries, there are conflicts because various groups think differently. In order to avoid unpleasantness, Totalitaria has abolished the family. All the children are raised in state nurseries with equal love equipment so they share the same values and attitudes. The older people live in barracks and eat together and share everything they have. Everyone gets along well and nobody argues or fights. As in every society, there are some “sick” people who have weird ideas but Totalitaria helps these unfortunates by placing them in special mental hones for “re-programming”.

As you can see, this is a perfect society. Everyone wears attractive uniforms but the colours differ: mechanics wear navy blue, office workers wear mauve, farmers wear orange, etc. So wonderful is Totalitaria that no one wants to travel outside (unless they are weird) and no one is allowed in because they might import “wicked ideas” and upset the perfect balance and peace that exists.

Answer the Following Questions and add them to your e-notebook

1. List FIVE things the government uses to control Totalitaria.
Government controls strikes and unions parents need permission to have a child due to over population everyone wears attractive uniforms so no one is judged nobody worries about what job to pick because the government provides you with one little information is allowed in from the outside world so people don't get worried or confused

2. Identify THREE ways the government ensures that no violence or rebellion exists. children are raised in nurseries with the same love equipment, so no one is treated better than another older people live and share everything, they get along very well all books are nice books with happy stories

3. Who are the government? Explain their characteristics.
The government…