Concert Report

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Concert Report
Evelyn Alvarez
June 22, 2014
Karen Morehouse
Concert Report
On Saturday June 21, 2014 I attended a the music of U2 with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra concert at the Chastain Park Amphitheatre in Atlanta GA. The experience was different then what I am use to listening to.
The different types of instruments used such as the violin, trumpets, cellos, and bass drums. The harmony of all of the instruments flowed; the base of the drums and the sound of the trumpets had different pitches but the same tone which made everything come together, each classical piece uses its own group of several tunes over and over, in different ways. When it came to the melody portion the vocals went with the music. It gave me a sense of happiness, with each song that was placed a different but positive emotion came over me. The orchestra was playing background to an Irish rock band name U2. The rhythm to each song varied. I would have never thought a rock band could have an orchestra as their background music and still sound good. Along with the instruments the orchestra used; the band also used the electric guitars. The guitars gave the music back that rock feel and the amazing sound of the bass drums and the violin just gave the feeling of excitement. The band played several types of music. They played a few love songs, one which was dedicated to a band member’s wife. The audience swayed back and forth, there was even a couple who got up and was slow dancing with one another. One of the band members’ brought an audience member onto the stage and danced with the women alongside of his band mate and his wife. All the couples in the crowd followed suite and got to dance.
The next song that played was a more upbeat song; the band members made the audience sing along. The people who knew the song sang along and the ones who didn’t just repeated the words. The audience made their own dance area and everyone who wanted to dance got up and went to the circle. Everyone was in sync with one another. It was like everybody was family, talking, dancing, and laughing with each other.
The band played a song called with or without you. The song is about a man who is having trouble in his relationship but he is deeply in love with his girlfriend. The song is stating he love her so much no matter what they go through he couldn’t live with or without her. The music they create specks to people. It helps people understand that they are not alone or have to deal with theirs issues alone.