U3A7 student staff policies Essay examples

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Student Internet Policy

1. A strength that is expressed in the Student Application for internet Access is the overall security of the computers, making everything focused on school work, or school related work. Everything that you do at school is supervised by staff, and monitored to make sure that students don’t abuse the use of the computers and the network that they provide. This ensures that all students are working in a safe, healthy environment for the students’ overall security.

A weakness that is expressed in the Student Application for Internet Access is the fact that students must “receive permission from their teacher before accessing the internet” and “only download or upload files with teacher permission and supervision”. This is more like a punishment for all students instead for just students who abuse their internet access. Students will most likely not follow these rules, or simply just choose to ignore them.

2. I think that the consequences that follow up on the rules are omitted, and should be included so that students are aware of the outcomes. I think that in the policy on number ten where it says, “Students will not use email for non-educational purposes”, should not be included because it is a little unnecessary seen as emails can become very handy.

Staff IT Use Guidelines

1. A strength that is expressed in the Utilization of Board Resources is that, “All Board resources are expected to be used for their intended purposes” Students, and staff, or all…