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U3D1 – Evaluate the effectiveness of the use of techniques in marketing products or services in one of your organisations.
In this task I will be evaluating the effectiveness of the use of techniques in marketing products or services in McDonald’s.
A marketing technique is a plan designed to meet the needs and requirements of customers.
McDonald’s uses may different marketing techniques to market their products. One of these techniques is branding which they use to increase their number of sales and level or profit. They implement branding into their products by applying the logo of McDonald’s on the packaging of the products that they provide.
An advantage of this is that the product looks familiar. Psychologists have shown that familiarity induces liking. Consequently, people who have never tried something but have seen the product may become willing to try the product. By looking at the packaging, members of public would recognise that the product is from McDonald’s as McDonald’s is well known and very successful. Another advantage is t
There are also many disadvantages of branding; one of them is that people can be littering which may cause disturbances to the members of public. This will further lead to many complains which may affect the business.
McDonald's all over the world mostly attract the upper or middle class. Generally, the middle income customer group shies away from the McDonald's joints due to a perception of high range food products. Hence McDonald's is trying to tap this market segment by offering average priced…