UNIT BA490 COURSEWORK manage physical resource Essays

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Sibusisiwe N Mapeto
Coursework NVQ level 5: BA490
Date: April 2015
Manage physical resource
Outcome 1
Explain the importance of using sustainable resources:
Sustainability means more than merely lasting or surviving; it means designing and delivering health care that uses resources in ways that don’t prejudice future health and wellbeing.The importance of using sustainable resources is to protect our natural resources. Using sustainable resources and materials is good for the environment and it is cost efficiently.
Explain the potential impact of resource use on the environment:
The Health and Social Care sectors are under increasing pressure to reduce its environmental impact as local, national and global efforts to mitigate climate
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We will use the left over ingredients which are still valid to make some cakes and decoration but we will still need other resources to add on top to be able to carry out the activity as planned.
Identify resources requirements for own area of responsibility:
Resources required from me will be money to buy other ingredients needed:Food colouring, cake stencils, butter, icing sugar and more cake boxes.
Outcome 3
Submit a business case to procure required resources:
The reason for the planned activity was to seek the service user engagement into something that will stimulate them and providing relaxation to their every day life. This activity will help the service users to develop skills in cooking and using number to calculate numbers which is learning a key skill.
This activity was planned because the service users had requested it as part of their acitivities and also to prepare themselves towards Christmas and to have presents to give to their loved ones.
The activity will need money to get the required resources which will be around 100 pounds. There will need to be budgeted the addition of more staff(3 staff)for 5 hours to help the activity coordinator in making sure the plan succeed, so this means that we need money to pay staff for 15 hours extra for that allocated day which will be another 105