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Evaluate the benefits and drawbacks for censorship for a society

Discussion essay – Block pattern
Title: Evaluate the benefits and drawbacks for censorship for a society
C: Censorship
L: benefits, drawbacks and Society
D: Evaluate
Context: Social issues
Subject: Censorship
Limited subject: benefits, drawbacks and society
Issue: Censorship can have shortcomings but at the same time it is beneficial under some circumstances
Thesis statement: Despite the fact that censorship is seems socially beneficial, this essay will also show some ideas that raise suggestions about its drawbacks for a society’s progress.
Supports for the thesis:
Side 1:
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For the worst part books were burned, TV programs were closed, films destroyed, songs in particular unheard and the web is strictly censored (Hejazi, 2013). From those facts, if not for censorship those creations could serve as the main source of reference to correct errors that may exist within those beliefs; instead they were permanently closed or destroyed before reaching the public attention.
In spite of the drawbacks previously mentioned in this paper about censorship, it is also worth mentioning the assurance of social benefits it guarantees. Without the existence of censorship, many chaos could have had occurred between cultural, religious and political beliefs. In this case, the following arguments are some of the positive outcomes that revealed the need for active and impartial censorship within the society.
On the other hand, children are one of the major priority concerns of censorship. In fact science proves that what children learned from their childhood would easily alter their attitude to whatever they see or hear. In this case children’s literature was under the eye of censorship in which books and other learning materials that seems offensive to other beliefs may possibly banned. Besides censoring the internet is another form which involves the “filtering” program. This program is a specially